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The best dishes that you cannot miss while visiting Costa del Sol

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The best thing about traveling is that it’s not only visiting places. There are plenty of different ways to travel, and one of the greatest ways to really get to know a destination is by immersing ourselves in its culture and customs, such as the gastronomy of the Costa del Sol. Through its dishes, we will know more about the place we are visiting.

If you have decided to visit Malaga, we have already discovered part of its cuisine in ”Discover the Costa del Sol through its gastronomy.” But we want to go further because the gastronomy of the Costa del Sol has much to talk about.

Do you want to know what the typical dishes of Malaga are? We have discovered them.


There is nothing better to start with than a refreshing cold soup or salad. For a moment, forget about the popular gazpacho and let yourself be surprised by what Malaga has to offer.

  • Ajoblanco: it is a cold soup prepared with ground almonds, garlic, bread, and oil. It is usually served with grapes, more enjoyable if they are Muscat from the Axarquía (with Denomination of Origin, of course).
  • Malaga Salad: if you think of salad, the first thing that comes to your mind is green leaves, but this salad is different; it is a surprising mixture of cooked potato, orange, cod, and olives, a real delicacy! It can also be accompanied with chives and, of course, dressed with a good Antequera oil.

  • Porra de Antequera: a cold soup similar to salmorejo. Made with tomato, bread, garlic, oil, green pepper, and vinegar, and it is served with a boiled egg and shavings of Iberian ham or tuna. As a curious fact, the name comes from the utensil with which the ingredients used to be crushed.


Espeto de Sardinas


Fish and Shellfish

If fish and shellfish are more your thing, you can’t leave without trying these Malaga delicacies that the Mediterranean Sea offers for us.

  • Sardine Skewers: talking about Malaga without talking about a well-roasted sardine skewer would be like talking about Valencia’s gastronomy without talking about paella. You cannot leave the Costa del Sol without trying it. It is a skewer of sardines grilled on the beach. It’s wonderful!
  • Fine shells: typical throughout the Malaga coast. It is a variety of clam and just a little salt, pepper, and lemon; they are already seasoned. They can also be prepared on the grill.
  • Malaga Fry: if you are on a walk along the Costa del Sol, you can go to a beach bar and enjoy this medley of fried fish, which can vary from squid, anchovies, sardines, cuttlefish, red mullet, whiting, etc. With this dish and a good beer, it is enough to recharge your batteries and continue with the walk.


Second courses

  • Papandúa: small pancakes made with cooked cod, saffron, yeast, and flour. This typical Malaga dish will surprise you. It is usually eaten at Easter and can be served hot or cold, even accompanied by cane honey.
  • If you are more into sandwiches, don’t miss out on a Campero. It is a type of hamburger made with a crunchy and round toast that is filled with ham, cheese, chicken, lettuce, and mayonnaise, although egg or bacon are also possible to be added. A totally complete dish!
  • Plate of the Mountains, also known as “eggs to the beast.” The common ingredient is fried potatoes and fried eggs, which can be served with chorizo, crumbs, fried peppers, blood sausage … A delight, but beware of your cholesterol!


Campero sandwich




If you have a sweet tooth, you cannot leave Malaga without trying some of its delicious desserts.

  • Bienmesabe: a sponge cake bathed in cider syrup, toasted grounded almonds that are mixed with beaten egg and heated in a bain-marie. It is served with ground sugar and cinnamon.
  • Malaga cake: it is a light sponge cake with apricot jam that contrasts with the bitter taste of almonds. Spectacular!
  • Almond granita: it is a refreshing drink based on fried almonds, water, sugar, and cinnamon. The ideal dessert for the summer.

A delicious dessert accompanied by a good coffee will be the perfect finishing touch for the meal. Malaga offers a great variety of coffee, so many that it would be best to dedicate another post to them. By the way, Malaga also has Denomination of Origin wines; what more could you ask for?


Torta malagueña
Torta con café malagueño



Malaga not only offers beautiful landscapes, beaches, charming towns, or interesting cities, it also has varied and delicious gastronomy.

Have you taste any of these dishes? What is your favorite? We all love them! Pack your bags and come and enjoy a taste of the Costa del Sol gastronomy; we are waiting for you!



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