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Transfers in Torremolinos

Get your free transfer and don’t worry about transportation on your holiday! From Malaga's airport to Marconfort Griego in Torremolinos.

Get your free transfer and don’t worry about transportation on your holiday

Have you thought about how you’ll get from the airport to the hotel? Now Marconfort makes it easy. Get your free shared transfer when you book direct through the website or call center for a stay of 5 nights or more.

For guests who book their holiday direct with Marconfort through the official website or call centre there’s no need to worry about round-trip transportation between the airport and the hotel thanks to our free shared transfer service.

This service is only available to guests who´ve booked a minimum stay of 5 nights, and is not available to guests who have booked a hotel + flight package.


How it works


  • If you book a stay of 5 nights or more through our website or by calling +44 20 305 138 74 or +34 371 783 303, you can get completely free shared transfer service. If you like, you can also get a private transfer at an extra cost. Book your free transfer on the confirmation voucher that you will receive when you book your stay.


  • If your stay is fewer than 5 nights, or if you’ve booked your stay through a travel agency or other third party, you can get your transfer at an extra cost. Book here.


Remember that in both cases you must cancel if you change your mind!


All cancellations and changes must be done on the website. Don’t worry about cancelling 24 - 72 hours before your arrival because you will not be penalized. (You can see the cancellation conditions for your transfer during the booking process.)

Remember that if you modify your reservation, the transfer could be affected. For example, if you change from 5 nights or more to less than 5 nights, the transfer will not be complimentary and as such will have a additional cost. Please cancel your current reserved transfer and reserve again here. If you prefer, we can charge the cost to your room. Just let us know.


Read the conditions before booking, cancelling, and making changes here.

It's that easy, don't worry about transfers anymore