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At Marconfort, we want to be part of your next adventure, and that is why we propose that you discover the wide array of gastronomic options that Malaga offers. Are you hungry?

The Costa del Sol is much more than sun and sand. This Mediterranean paradise offers its visitors the opportunity to enjoy varied and healthy gastronomy, which includes everything from local fruits and vegetables such as its famous avocado and mouth-watering recipes typical of the Mediterranean to surprising indoor cuisine and delicious pastries. Bars in town, bars on the beach, restaurants, wineries, and even Michelin star chefs make up the special flavor that is boasted in Costa del Sol.


Did you know that Malaga has various designations of origin? Yes, products such as the olive from Aloreña, Antequera oil – which due to its low acidity is perfect for cooking -, custard apple from the tropical coast or raisins from Malaga; or the avocado cultivated for the most part in the region of Axarquía; among others, they are products that, being traditionally made, are respectful of the environment.






We invite you to discover this wonderful gastronomic landscape visiting places such as Torremolinos, Puerto Marina, El Palo, and Pedregalejo. If you are enjoying a few days of vacation in Torremolinos, you cannot miss out on the roasted pepper salad, the traditional “pescaíto frito” or the famous espetos, the hallmark of the people of Malaga, which are small sardines strung on metal roasts roasted on the grill. If you decide to try them, the best season to taste them is from July 16th to September 8th, although, fortunately, they can be enjoyed all year round. Let’s not forget dessert! The cakes Torremolinos have are a must-try when dining in these incredible places.


Tradicional Espeto Malagueño


For lovers of good food, we recommend going to the Puerto Deportivo de Benalmádena, which has received the Award for the Best Marine in the World on multiple occasions. Let yourself be surprised by its architecture and delight with its wide gastronomic offer. In addition to the fried fish, which is typical of the entire Costa del Sol, you will find a wide range of cuisine focused on seafood and rice dishes. You cannot miss out on dishes like the chorreña casserole or the milk crumbs.


Puerto de Banalmádena
Puerto Deportivo de Benalmádena



Now, we are going to El Palo and Pedregalejo, a well-known area of ​​the beautiful city of Malaga, where you will find numerous beach bars. It is an area with an amazing atmosphere, both day and night. Perfect for visiting with family or friends!

To close our gastronomic tour, we pass through the capital of Malaga. We want to invite you to get lost in its streets and discover its flavor by going for tapas and drinks in its countless bars. There is no better way to enjoy the night than to immerse yourself in the bustle of this city. Enjoy its historical heritage such as the Alcazaba or the Roman Theater. Malaga is, without a doubt, a city that will surprise you.

In addition to its quality products, great chefs have emerged from its hospitality schools, which even have a Michelin Star. These new restaurants are placing Malaga on the map of signature cuisine.

Going for tapas is the best way to try everything, you will find from the most traditional tapas to the most innovative proposals. Malaga invites us not only to enjoy its dishes but to enjoy life.

But do you know what else makes Malaga so special? Their desserts, be it their delicious cakes or their original ice creams, make each bite worthwhile, without thinking about the calories. A good meal must be accompanied by good wine, and Malaga has three regions of the designation of origin for wines. You can’t leave without trying one.

Malaga is not only a beach destination, but it is also becoming a reference in cultural tourism, not only for its history but also for all the museums you can visit, in addition to being chosen as the European Capital of Intelligent Tourism 2020, all this added to its gastronomy, they make it the perfect destination for your next vacation. At Marconfort Costa del Sol, we want you to have an excellent vacation and enjoy everything the environment has in store for you. We are waiting for you!



Depending on your priorities, you can choose between the two accommodation options at Marconfort Hotels.

If you fancy being in the town of Torremolinos, near the train station to go to Malaga for dinner, shopping, museums, or you don’t want to drive; your hotel is Marconfort Griego. A hotel with astonishing accommodations, options, and tastes for all types of travelers. Venture to the beautiful beach, take a stroll for some ice cream and see everything that this wondrous location has to offer you.


Marconfort Griego
Marconfort Griego


If on the other hand, you would prefer a hotel in front of the sea with incredible views, amazing beach clubs, and a place to grab a drink at night at one of the best clubs at night, the best option for you is Marconfort Costa del Sol. Here you will feel at home with the best amenities and cuisine, alongside amazing treatments and massages at the wellness center.


Marconfort Costa del Sol
Marconfort Costa del Sol


Whatever hotel you choose, you can pick how you want to travel with a bed and breakfast, half-board, or all-inclusive stay.
We adapt to what you want.



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