The Marconfort Griego Hotel offers 3 different rooms types including standard room, pool view room, and quintuple room all of which provide the level of…

Habitación Estandar Marconfort Griego hotel

Standard Room

Quiet + Comfortable

The standard rooms in Marconfort Griego Hotel in Torremolinos have everything that you need for your best holiday with your couple or family in Costa del Sol.

Pool View Room Marconfort Griego

Pool View Room

Picturesque Views

The standard pool view rooms in Marconfort Griego Hotel in Torremolinos are thought for couples who want to relax but at the same time enjoy some nice views.

Quadruple Room Marconfort Griego

Quadruple Room

Family Friendly

In Marconfort Griego Hotel in Torremolinos, we love to have families so we offer the cuadruple rooms that assure maximun comfort for the best family holidays.

Habitación Quíntuple Marconfort Griego Hotel

Quintuple Room

Perfect for groups

If you have a big family and you want to stay all together during your holiday this is your room. A quintuple room in Marconfort Griego Hotel wiil be perfect.